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What is Planetary Gearhead 28mm


planetary gearhead is a type of gearhead that consists of a central sun gear, multiple planet gears, and a ring gear. As the sun gear rotates, it drives the planet gears which, in turn, rotate around the sun gear and mesh with the ring gear to transfer torque.

A 28mm planetary gearhead refers to the size of the gearhead, with a diameter of approximately 28mm. This size is commonly used in small and medium-sized applications, including robotics, automation, and medical equipment.

The advantages of a planetary gearhead include their high torque density, compact design, and low backlash. They are also known for their precision and efficiency, with some gearheads capable of achieving over 95% efficiency.

The 28mm planetary gearhead is typically designed to operate at lower speeds but higher torques. As such, they are well-suited to applications requiring precise control of motion, such as robotics and automation.

Overall, the 28mm planetary gearhead is a popular choice for applications where high torque, compact size, and precision are important factors.