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About Us

Our History

Ruixing is one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, specializing in the production of carbon brush motor, motor with hall sensor, planetary gearhead, etc. Our company started to operate the coreless motor business in 1996. It was first started with the company named Ninghai Ningxing Precision Motor Factory in July 2003. Later registered Ningbo Ruixing Motor Inc. in 2014. For years has the company has been dedicated to innovation, manufacturing, and selling on Hollow cup permanent magnet DC motors.

Our company converges field engineering elites and faculties with high diatheses for the great foundation of our company’s further development.

RuiXing professes in manufacturing Hollow cup permanent magnet DC motors from size Φ10 to Φ62. We use special technology to make hollow cup armature which has rare earth-made Permanent-magnet rubidium iron-boron magnets with high coercivity. We have precious metal materials made for brushes and graphite carbon brushes with their matched commutators. Through years of our explorations and practices, our products contain more perfection, with better performances. It has to be pointed out that our big power Hollow cup motors have reached the top level in China and on the similar level of other countries' which becomes the highlight of our company. And our products allow special requirements and designs.

Our hollow cup motor allows us to match with isometrical or non-isometrical fixed axles, planetary gearboxes, encoders, and relative brakes. As a holistic driving component, the motor is widely used in machinery, electronics, communication, optics, medical apparatus, automatic instruments, and other self-regulation, driving system, servo control systems.

Our Factory

Ningbo RuiXing Motor Co.,LTD. is located in the Yangtze River Delta region in Ninghai County, Ningbo China. Ninghai is the origin of China Tourism Day and a tourism city next to Yonglin Provincial Road Line, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway, High-speed railway, etc. It is only an hour drive to Ningbo Beilun Port, a four-hour drive to Port of Shanghai, 70 miles to downtown Ningbo, 60 miles to Ningbo Lishe International Airport, 6 miles to Ninghai Railway Station; provides convenient transportation and an elegant environment.

Product Application

1.The on-demand system that requires rapid response.
Such as the missile flight direction fast adjustment, high-magnification optical drive with the control, fast autofocus, highly sensitive recording and testing equipment, industrial robots, bionic prosthetic limbs, etc., hollow Cup motor can well meet its technical requirements.
2. Products that require a smooth and persistent drag on the drive element.
Such as all kinds of portable instrumentation, personal equipment, field operation of equipment, electric vehicles, etc., the same set of power supply, power supply time can be extended more than a fold.
3. Various aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, aerial models and so on.
The weight of the aircraft can be minimized by using the advantages of light weight, small size and low energy consumption of the Hollow Cup motor.
4. A wide variety of civil electrical appliances, industrial products.
The use of Hollow Cup motor as an executive component can make the product grade improve, superior performance.
5. Take advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency, also used as a generator, using its linear operating characteristics, also used as a speed generator, with a reducer, can also be used as a torque motor.

Our Certificate

The company has qualifications for ISO90000 quality management system certification, CE certification, and other relative Conformity Certificates of Explosion-Proof in 2010.

Production Equipment

The factory is equipped with high precision fabricating machinery; dedicated devices for manufacturing hollow cup permanent magnet DC motors only; series testing equipment. We use precision CNC and other special equipment for all of the important components to make sure they meet the requirements—products have a stable operation, low noise, long usage life.For example Hollow Cup Motor Rotor Assembly line equipment, Hollow Cup Motor Rotor Dynamic Balance Instrument and so on.

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